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FirstLink is a leader when it comes to the low voltage cabling arena. We are widely considered

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one of the most respected Structured Cabling Contractors working in the New York Tristate area. Technical expertise as cable installers is one of our key strengths. We install cabling for computer networks, telephone systems, and video systems. This includes coax, shielded and unshielded twisted pair and all types of fiber optic cable.

FirstLink ensures that each design and installation complies with industry standards, building codes and safety regulations. Experience and constant training on new communication products and practices enables our technicians to complete any type of cable installation or repair. QUALITY under globally established standards and recommendations is assured and is the reason for FirstLink continued success.

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Serious Bandwidth Users Only. Step up to fiber connectivity. Blazing speeds from 50 megabits to 1 gigabit per second.
Internet Access 50 megabits to 1 gigabit per second Internet access up and down

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Colocate your servers in our Telco-Grade data center facilities with redundant HVAC, UPS and Generator.

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