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Colocation Services


Colocation Services

Colocate your servers in our Telco-Grade data center facilities with redundant HVAC, UPS and Generator.

Building and running a professional data center is costly and complex. Take advantage of our professional, reliable and secure facilities.

Colocation Specs
Internet IP Addresses Power Price
Half Cabinet
(21 U) 10 megabit 8 IP’s
(5 usuable) 20 amps $750/mo
Full Cabinet
(42 U) 10 megabit 8 IP’s
(5 usuable) 15 amps $1000/mo

80% power rule: Power can be sustained at an 80% capacity of total available power. A 15 amp circuit can sustain a constant load of 12 amps and a 20 amp circuit can sustain 16 amps. If a circuit is run at over 80% the risk is run that the 15 amp or 20 amp breaker will be blown and service will be disrupted.


19″ Cabinet
Locked Cabinets


A+B Level of UPS redundancy
N+2 Level of backup generator redundancy


Customer 24×7 access
Visual ID required
Key card/key pad access

Fire Suppression

Dry pipe sprinkler
Pre-action sprinkler


66 ±4 Air temperature (°F)
N+2 Level of HVAC redundancy


2 megawatt diesel generator